Cayman Islands

Why Import UK cars to the Cayman Islands?


It’s Easy

With our end to end service we will find your ideal car in the UK market, book the shipping on your behalf, have your car delivered to the departure port and, courier all the relevant paperwork to Sta-Mar who will clear your car through customs, license and install the number plates. All you need to do is insure your new car, then you are ready to drive away.

It's Great Value

Due to the weakness of Sterling against the US Dollar and Yen, British used cars offer some of the best value cars to buy globally. If you buy a Hybrid the import duty is only 10% (Hybrids not exceeding $29,999). 

It's Quick

Transit time approximately 26 days.  


Straightforward Pricing

Our quoted prices shown on the listings include shipping, insurance & Import duty. To give you an idea of the total cost of your new car. Custom’s clearance & port fees are additional cost. You will pay us for the Car, shipping and insurance. You will pay the Import duty as the car clears customs.

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