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Buying a car from Auction is the cheapest route to purchase your new car, when you buy a car at Auction you are paying “Trade”  prices and making savings over what you would expect to pay at “Retail” which compounds the savings in import duties and sales taxes. This service is suitable for cars up to six years old.

Cars purchased from Auction may require some remedial work to be carried out to get the car into a “Retail” condition. And the price you pay reflects this.
Each car has a condition report and, in most cases, a mechanical report which can be checked, so that you know what you are buying. We only search the Auction for cars where they are graded 1 or 2 (the cars in the best condition)

You can browse through the listings on our website which show examples of cars coming up for Auction. All the prices quoted on the listings include fully insured shipping and local taxes relevant to the country under which it is listed. Cars at auction range from mass market manufactures like Kia and Ford up to Luxury cars including Mercedes and Bentley.


Our Estimates Include

Estimates include fully insured shipping, local import duties and taxes

Estimates will be provided in your local currency so that you know what the total cost of your new car is going to be.

(local currency quotations are valid on the day of quotation due to potential foreign exchange movements)

Should the car sell for less than estimated the saving will be passed onto you.

Available Cars

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Private and Trade / Dealer Customers welcomed

Please contact us, where you will be assigned a highly experienced helpful consultant with their direct contact details, who will guide you through the process of purchasing a car from Auction.

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